Striking out on your own: Do you really need a sitemap generator?

There are so many responsibilities that are associated with starting a website. Each step towards the realization of a website requires a lot of hard work and utmost dedication to achieve results and to pay attention to detail. Only by doing this can one ensure that a website is set up successfully and able to meet the goals set for its creation. Aside from the mental mind frame that a website creator or business owner must possess in order to make an effective website there are also certain tools that are a requirement to ensure the success of a website. One of these important tools is a sitemap. A sitemap is an instrument that is used in order to make the navigation on a website so much easier. The word “map” truly describes what it does as it serves the same purpose in a website. A sitemap contains the website’s structure, indicating the pages and how each one is interlinked to one another. This is indicated through the form of the various links that point to the major sections as well as subsections of the whole website. The sitemap that a website uses is not just made for cosmetic purposes. It has a real useful and very essential role to play in making a website more effective. Its most important use is to make it so much easier for visitors to the website to navigate through all of the pages inside it. In effect, a sitemap prevents a visitor from getting lost inside a website – a very frustrating and irritating experience that turns off visitors and effectively makes them refuse to go back to the website again. The sitemap also ensures that they find the information that they are looking for immediately and without too much effort. A visitor who is able to find the information that he is looking for quickly (and painlessly) will be enticed to visit the website again. This return business is ultimately the foundation of a website’s success. As a way of helping web designers and business owners who have websites make effective sitemaps, sitemap generators have been introduced to make the task easier. With a sitemap generator, making sitemap becomes fool proof and easy. Is it possible to make a sitemap on your own without the aid of a sitemap generator. Of course, it is possible. Before the creation of the various sitemap generators, web designers make sitemaps on their own. But this process is quite long and tedious, not to mention fraught with errors. Even though it would ultimately be the choice of the website owner, web designer or business owner if they will use a sitemap generator or not, there really is no compelling reason not to use one. With a sitemap generator, making sitemaps are made so much easier and error free. What’s more, with a sitemap generator, every single change in the page line-up or content change is abruptly reflected, something that needs to be done manually every time if one will not use a sitemap generator.

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