Search Engine Optimization: Specialist to Boost your Page Rank and Traffic

It’s of no use to have the most informative website & unfortunately no one knows about it. Have you ever thought why your competitors always on the top positions and your website every time getting into the flux. Search Engine Optimization is a practice in which your Website undergoes development process properly so that its keywords can communicate to search engines. Search engines rank Websites based on two major factors: · Very exclusive content with related keywords in the body · Link popularity - number of back links on your Website. Search Engine Optimization is basically aimed at improving the ranking of a website in the most popular search engines listings like Google, MSN and Yahoo. The higher the pages come up in search engine results, the greater the traffic that is directed to your website. Search engines generate nearly 90% of Internet traffic and most of the web traffic comes from search engines like Google. But if your site is not ranked high enough on the search engines, none of that traffic will come to you. Other important factors that determine your ranking are the architecture of the site, relevant keywords, title, underlying code and content of the site for making your site more appealing to the search engines. Search engines display different kinds of listings in the search engine results pages (SERPs), including: · Pay-per-click advertisements: This is the fastest way to get traffic on your website. In this every time a visitor clicks on the ad created by you,you ll pay. The price will be charged per click & can be varied depending on the popularity of the keyword or phrases you’ve chosen. · Paid inclusion listings: This is another method of getting indexed just like pay-per-click advertisement. It guarantees you that your page will be indexed by the search engine spider but it does not guarantee you about the location of your page. · Organic Listing: This listing is also known as free listing & good organic search engine rankings take months to achieve, but they are fairly easy to maintain on an ongoing basis. Search engines bring motivated buyers to you and hence contribute to increased sales conversions. Higher a Web site ranks in the results of a search, the greater the chance that a user will visit your web site that in turn leads to more business and more money.

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